Pools & Spas Depot

Client: Pools & Spas Depot

Country: Canada

Odoo system was installed in very short time without disturbing the company's processes and burden of emp-loyees

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Dehly S.A.
Pharmaceutical manufacturing

Client: Dehly S.A.

Country: Switzerland

Standart Odoo system is fully in line with the company's needs

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Windeo Green Futur
Green energy

Client: Windeo Green Futur

Country: Belgium

Odoo gave customers the ability to monitor the progress of projects in the company's website.

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Electonic parts

Client: APEM

Country: China

Multilanguage Odoo solution got relief for the company to work in five continents.

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Ijssel hospital
Health care - hospital

Client: Ijssel hospital

Country: Netherlands

Odoo integrated with another bussiness management system. One of the largest hospital based out of Rotterdam.

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La Poste
Postal services

Client: La Poste

Country: France

La Poste is the leading provider of local postal services in France, with 17,000 post offices providing information on behalf of La Banque Postale, Le Courrier and Colis-Express.

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