Pools & Spas Depot Retail

Odoo system was installed in very short time without disturbing the company's processes and burden of emp-loyees

Pools and Spas Depot is a new provider of specialized services for pools and spas. It also acts as a retailer of swimming pools, spas and all other related accessories for major brands in the industry.

The team of Pools and Spas Depot knows the latest trends on the tips of its fingers and offers ultra-competitive prices through its extensive network. Customers enjoy the substantial volume of purchases offering the best prices on the retail market.


Odoo deployment to support operations of Pools and Spas Depot and integration with online store.

  • Provide a simple and consistent interface;
  • Offer a solution integrating sales, purchasing, accounting, warehouse and online store;
  • Streamline and optimize data capture to maximize resources available for business development;
  • Deploy the solution before 1 March 2012.


  • Install, configure and secure production and test environment;
  • Install and configure the modules of sales, purchases, stock, crm;
  • Train users to use the system;
  • Coach users for entering data: financial accounts, partners, products;
  • Integrate Odoo 6.1 with Magento 1.6 in partnership with Akretion;
  • Configure the management of returns and warranties;
  • Interact with the UPS API to generate labels and tracking numbers.

Modules provided: Sales, Purchase, Stock Mgt, CRM.