Windeo Green Futur Green energy

Odoo gave customers the ability to monitor the progress of projects in the company's website.

Short description of the customer:

Windeo Green Futur develops sustainable solutions in a multi-product approach in order to bring its customers to more energy independence.

The company offers a complete solution through 5 brand universes:

  • Sunneo: Photovoltaïc and solar-thermic solution
  • Windeo: Small eolian solution
  • Isoleo Isolation solution
  • Aero:   Heat pump solution
  • Watereco: Recovery of rainwater
The company is currently active in Benelux, France, Italy, Liban, Poland and Brazil.



The company was looking for a full solution able to manage CRM, Sales, Finance Account, Stock and Project management in a multi-companies and countries environment.

The solution must be flexible enough for managing multiple sales configuration, business rules and computation formulas.

The company wanted to give the opportunity of their customers to follow the advancement status of their projects through the company’s website.


Installation, setup, and customization of a full Odoo instance.

Development of extra modules for implementing specific functionalities requested by the customers such as specific quotations system for all the purchased universes (Photovoltaic, Solar-thermic, Small eolian, Heat Pump solution, Recovery of rainwater).

Setting up of a Odoo testing and production instances on our private cloud computing platform.

The platform is daily accessed by 120 concurrent users working for Windeo Green Futur company.

Modules provided:

  • Modules to extend standard CRM, Sales, Finance and project management
  • Accounting
  • Extra modules to allow the management of fee for independent workers.
  • Extra module to publish purchase information for the customers on the company’s website