Accounting and Finance Financial operations module

Save your operations in a few clicks and manage all your financial activity in one place. Financial operations has never been so simple.

Main features:

  • Intelligent user interface. For accountant is important to just take a few minutes to be able to create a record of certain transactions.
  • Invoicing control. Very clear visibility which invoice came from the supplier. Manage, and verify them without inspecting.
  • Easy management of payments. Easily adjust invoice with payments through bank interface and check payment management.
  • The follow-up automation. Define and automate follow-up actions to get the periodic financial review.
  • Analytical accounting integration. Get analytical accounting operations integrated with timesheets, projects, invoices, warehouse.
  • Easy adjustment. Odoo will quickly bring the invoices to payments using manual or automated way.
  • Multi currency. Multiple currencies with daily exchange rates update automatically.
  • Multi company. Get your single trial balance and statistics in real time.

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