CRM Customer Management Module

Simple CRM. Track and organize your current and prospective leads:

    Odoo CRM allows you to track your customer inquiries and opportunities. You can customize your sales cycle, control the statistics and predictions, and create automatic marketing campaign to improve your sales results
  • Automate lead registry process. Spend more time on what really matter. Odoo client management software instantly generates leads from customer sent query. Information concerning the customer is automatically registered in specific slots in the client card enabling you to immediately move on to lead qualification.


  • Control your sales pipeline. Customize your sales funnel according to your sales process, using drag & drop technique to move opportunities from one stage of another and always know what is the next action. Get notified of new messages and expected revenue.


  • Outlook and Thunderbird plugin. Synchronize your e-mails with Odoo CRM. Create a new client inquiries directly from Outlook or Thunderbird, and also upload customer data or documents to the Odoo system.


  • Track customer responses. Customer relationship management can be difficult especially when dealing with a lot of information. View customer information and conversation log in the client card.


  • Assign leads to the right people. Make workload distribution and collaboration more efficient. It is important from small to large businesses who have several business activities or sales teams to manage and analyze activities separately. Create sales teams with specific members assigned to them.


  • Track customer problems and resolve them. Make after-sale process more effective by automatically registering customer queries, assigning them to the right people, and automatically sending notifications.


  • Real-time statistics. View opportunity analysis of expected revenue. Know who are your best customers.


  • Mobility. Calendar can be synchronized with iOS, MS Outlook and Android.

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