Marketing Advertising module

Marketing campaigns can help you automate emails and messaging, improve customer inquiries and encourage customers to contact the correct division. This will help you save time and communicate with customers over the long term.

Main features:

  • Customer inquiries automation. Automate your company’s response to e-mails and use your web page, to insert the selected criteria which automate what e-mail. will be sent out.
  • Campaign description. Select the action to be taken, letters to be sent and the time delay between each step.
  • Reasonable segment definition. Be successful in your campaigns by adopting a specific implementation of a methodology and selecting the correct segment.
  • Integration with CRM. Marketing Campaign module is closely integrated with all the CRM module related objects (customer inquiries, partners, sales opportunities).
  • Chart view. In chart view use towing (drag & drop) to easily pan your campaign activities.
  • Testing Mode. Take control of your campaign into your own hands, so that you can respond to test or to see how your messages look like a finished product.
  • Customizable templates for letters. Create and adapt messages and save them in a single click. Later use these letters as templates in any other campaign.
  • Campaign follow. This critical tool is to help you track the progress of the campaign: the forwarded e-mail. letters, letters to be sent, the actions it has been taken.

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