Production Production and work order module

Plan and control your supply chain through different applications in manufacturing module. Personalize your essential data, configurate the planning and manage your work and production orders.

Main features:

  • Scheduling efficiency. Scheduler automatically organizes production orders, runs purchase orders, and reserves products in warehouse.
  • Raw material and human resources management. Describe and efficiently plan your time and your resources capacity.
  • Bar code support. Use our bar code support for the accounting for transactions in different time and work orders.
  • Basic data. Odoo supports: multi-level gathering specifications, pulling and pushing logistic rules, advanced routes.
  • Flexibility in all operations. Edit all operations in progress at any level. Odoo will not irritate you of the system inflexibility.
  • Stock alerts. Get real-time alerts about stocks that will never run out of them.
  • Inventory analysis. Follow the evolution of the value of stocks, depending on production levels when it progresses to the transformation process.

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