Customer management company

For every company it is very important to maintain good and friendly relations with customers. Sometimes it is enough to congratulate client with his name day, to ensure a successful transaction in the future. One company hires highly skilled managers, other untested workers and sends them to training courses thinking they will improve communication skills and achieve fabulous results. However, if the head of the company focuses all companys needs, he should chose complex solution – customer relationship management system (CRM).

The main functions of customer management:

  • Conducting customer data
  • Client categorization
  • Documents, e-mail or short messages sent directly from the system
  • Call records
  • Track important dates (companies birthdays, relevant contracts and e.t.c.)
  • Mass-Mailing (unlimited)
  • Incoming, outgoing and internal document management
  • Analysis of various aspects
  • Marketing Campaign Execution
  • Customer queries receive and automatic assignment for free managers
  • Time and meetings planning in the calendar
  • Easy integration with various other systems
  • Purchases / sales of keeping and analysis
  • Invoicing
  • Access to the system management, employees see only that they need to see
  • After Sales Support (helpdesk).
  • Sales process management (from the client’s initiative to sale)
  • Different steps of sales for different segments
  • And much more …