Manufacturing, warehouse management companies

Nowadays, production control is mandatory not only for large organizations but also small and medium-sized enterprises. Often companies manufacturing or storage area stops working as soon as head if this department leaves. It is also difficult to track the performance of the work performed and see the specific employees results. Stock of goods do not have their place, and are often ”lost” deep in warehouse. In order to optimize it all, reduce to order, to follow events in real time, OERP offer the choice of production, warehouse-management solution.

The main functions of production, warehouse management:

  • Product placement in warehouse
  • Product tracking in warehouse
  • Bill of materials
  • Automatic booking of raw materials
  • Breakdown of the manufacturing process
  • Brock sweep
  • Ability to integrate conveyors and sorting machines
  • Batch tracking and history
  • Production Order scheduling calendar
  • Product repairs (warranty and post-warranty)
  • Constituents of the manufactured products into a single production order
  • Manufacturing by getting an additional product.