Project Management Company

Developing various projects often companies are faced with the problem of how to follow the process of the work. Project Managers delegates various tasks to different workers and then have to call or email asking what is the situation of the work. This kind of project tracking is not effective – employees wastes time and the results are difficult to follow. These and other issues related to the project, will easily be solved with OERP project management solutions.

The main functions of project management:

  • New projects collection
  • Split project into several stages
  • The possibility of an employee to be responsible for the entire project or only a particular stage
  • Assigning tasks to individual staff
  • Jobs which are done and to do control and analysis
  • Time control
  • Rights placement, employees see only relevant information
  • Ability to connect your client’s to project, see the work done and the analysis
  • Invoicing directly from the project
  • Troubleshooting
  • And much more …